Water Resilience Project 2019

19.8. 2019admin0
Fundacja Harmonia Kultury in association with partner organizations such as Ranch Srbsko in the Czech Republic have started a water resilience project in 2019 thanks to the financial support of Visegrad Fund. We offered a unique, practical, 5-day Water Earthworks workshop, in autumn 2019 that showed the main techniques that can be applied to conserve water and build soil on landscape (rainwater collection and storage, pond, swale and earth dams construction). Selected partners from each of the Visegrad countries were invited to learn about water retention techniques and spread the knowledge in their respective countries about water earthworks, along with few other participants (mostly farmers) from nearby countries. They learned to understand the principles of permaculture design in earthworks: reading the site, interpreting contour maps and using surveying tools. The course had a strong practical component – with a final outcome of multiple ponds and swales in each of the participant countries.

Deep Roots course description and media

YouTube video

Making a water retention pond during an international water resilience workshop in Poland

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