The Broken Water Cycle and How We Can Fix It

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Invitation for a free presentation by Noemi Nemes – Friday August 19, 2022 at 7 PM.

Come join us for a special event done by our dear friend Noemi Nemes.

Location: Srbsko 29, 29402 Kněžmost.

Please forward this invitation to your permaculture friends who speak English. There will be no translation to Czech.


  • 7 PM – Presentation by Noemi
  • 8 PM – Permaculture Farm tour by Justin

About the presentation

Noemi will discuss the global impact of climate change, the broken water system that has evolved. She will propose solutions and describe how everyone can make a difference from their local municipalities to their own water retention techniques at home. She will include stories and best practices by permaculture icons such as Sepp Holzer and others. The goal of this presentation is to inspire and educate.

About Noemi Nemes

Freelance researcher on sustainability; coordinator of a CSSN working group on greenwashing; permaculture designer and promoter of nature-based education; founder of Kids4Forests.

Farm tour – water retention

After the presentation, we can offer a farm tour to anybody interested and show you our water retention projects and ponds built over the years. We can also discuss the long-term plans and locations for future ponds.

Here are a few pictures (some are from many years ago) of what you can see here.


If you would like to join us, please send us a message at

How to get here

The presentation will be held in our office at Srbsko 29, 29402 Kněžmost – you can park in the front of the building. We will then walk to our farm from there. If you need a ride, email me and I will put you in touch with someone coming from your direction, if possible.


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